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Cache4Mag - Full Page Cache Magento - Documentation

Version support

To avoid any problems with installation and running this extension, please make sure you have installed the following:
  • PHP 5.4 and above (PHP 5.3 is supported but not recommended)
  • PHP allow_url_open should be ON
  • PHP memory_limit must be greater than 512 MB

How to configure Cache4Mag?

Our extension has a very detailed and flexible configuration. You can change the settings in your back offise under Cache4Mag -> Configuration. There you will be able to set up your Cache4Mag installation to fully suit your needs. Below is a more detailed description of the different configuration categories.

Basic Settings

  • Enabled - activate / deactivate the module
  • Update index.php - switch cache on / off (works in combination with the activation option)
  • Show dashboard grid - show a list of the last cached urls
  • Show dashboard chart - show the charts tab in the dashboard of Magento
  • Cache size limit in MB - set a limit for the cache directory size (no limit if left empty)
  • Force user cache refresh - When activated, this feature eliminates the waiting time until the cache is refreshed. When an outdated URL is hit, the module chaches this on the fly and shows the user the updated content.
  • Cache each customer group separately - This feature enables the support for multiple user groups. Every group is cached separately, so that the group specific contents (prices, texts, etc.) can be cached and displayed.
  • Assign temp customers to each group - This button creates a temp (system) user for every group, so that the cache module can cache the specific group pages and data.

Block Settings

  • Dynamic Blocks - set up a list of which dynamic blocks are to be handled by the module (hole punching). Detailed instructions, how to identify these blocks are listed by the option.

Cache Modul Settings

  • Outdate all cache on category resave - This feature controlls the amount of cached URLs, which will be outdated when a category has been changed. Usefull on large sites, when a change in a category will outdate a lot of URLs and the cache refresh will take longer.
  • Cache modules - set up a list of magento controllers to be cached by the module. Detailed instructions, how to identify these controllers are listed by the option. The TTL field defines the period in days, for which the URLs will remain in the cache, after that period these URLs will be crawled again. The priority column defines the priority of the different URL categories for the crawler. Categories with higher priority will be cached first.
  • Wildcards for non cacheable urls - specify single urls, not to be cached by the module.

Gzip Compression

  • Gzip compression - switch gzip compression of the cache files on / off. This feature can save you a lot of space, but will make your loading times a little bit worse, because of the file decompression when the caced urs is requested.

Second Level Cache

  • Enabled - this feature will reduce your loading times by using a temporary cache storage for your dynamic elements. This should be active at all times. 

Crawler Settings

  • Stop all crawler activity - You can use this feature to stop the main crawler and the partial refresh of your website. You can start the crawlers again by pressing the button once again.
  • Crawler started - Indicates if the main crawler is currently active.
  • Crawler last activity - Shows the time and date of the crawlers last activity.
  • Crawler last visited url - Shows the last crawled URL.
  • Partial refresh started - Indicates if the automatic cache refresh procedure is currently active.
  • Partial refresh last activity - Shows the time and date of the auto refresh last activity.
  • Auto generate cache - This function allows the system to auto monitor itself. If for any reason the cache generation or refresh was interrupted, the system will automatically start it again. Please note that if manually stopped, the generation will not be restarted automatically.
  • Use multiprocessing - Multiprocessing can rapidly increase the speed of the cache generation or refresh. In order to use this feature, make sure you have the following extensions must be installed on your server:
    • unix-based system
    • PCNTL-extension for php
    • SEMAPHORE-extension for php
    • POSIX-extension for php
    • PDO-extension
    • SQLite-driver (PDO_SQLITE)
  • Use SQLite for crawler cache - For very large sites you can turn this feature on to ensure that your memory limit is not hit.
  • Use agresive links search - Crawlers will use a different search altorithm when parsing your pages for URLs. This feature should always be active, so the crawler can cache your entire site.
  • Pause crawler for x seconds between requests - If you need to save CPU or the crawler generates too many requests, you can set an interval between the crawler requests. This will reduce the cache generation / refresh speed.

Review Cached URLs / Update URLs manually / Start - Stop cache generation / Delete cache 

These options are available in your back offise under Cache4Mag -> View Page Cache. There you will find a complete list of the cached along with the basic module functions:
  • Refresh Outdated Cache - This option will start the partial refresh procedure for all the outdated URLs in the cache. Every URL will be crawled again and a fresh copy of the page will be cached.
  • Refresh Cache List - Re-crawles all URLs in your history table.
  • Generate Cache - As the title says, this will start the cache generation. If there are some URLs already in the cache, they will be re-crawled.
  • Flush Page Cache - Delete all cached URLs and empty the URL history table. This will completely reset your cache. Please note that cache generation will not be started automatically after all data has been deleted.
  • Stop Crawler Activity - Immediately stops the crawling of your site.
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