Key Features Cache4Mag

All you need for Success

  • One click module activation
  • Complete cache management
  • Single Url refresh
  • Automated cache generation. Integrated site crawler
  • Automated cache refresh
  • Automated cache management
  • Statistics dashboard
  • Cache size management
  • Component cache priority rules
  • Dynamic block management
  • Cached components management
  • URL wildcard exclude rules
  • Gzip cache compression
  • Second level cache (dynamic block caching)
  • Multi currency support
  • Group prices support
  • Response times from 0,09 seconds(90 miliseconds)
  • Magento form_key validation support
  • Multi store support
  • Customer groups support
  • Analytics tools support
  • License management for multidomain
  • Multi website better support
  • Multi domains support
  • Limit urls collections to avoid memory limit errors
  • Second level cache for multi domain websites
  • Supporting various magento configurations, including index.php in subdir
  • Subdomains support
  • Support for aw_mobile extension

Your Advantages

Free initial installation & set up

A new Quality of Magento

  • 6 months free support
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • One click activation from back office
  • Installation service (optional)
  • No magento core modifications
  • Compatible with Magento 1.5 and up
  • Buy Cache4Mag via Paypal (Creditcard, Debit, Transfer) or buy via invoice (only Germany)

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Customer testimonial

The speed of our website repeatedly led to customer complaints. After installing Cache4Mag there are no more complaints. We have more customer clicks and the bounce rate has decreased. The feeling of the page is much more better than before. Petra Jansen Customer-Support (sanumvitalis GmbH & Co. KG - 3.000 Articles with 40.000 Variants).

Up to 90 % Faster + Better SEO Rating - Google + Reduce your Bounce Rates + Magento Community Version

Frequently Asked Question - Cache4Mag - Full Page Cache for Magento

Is it possible to generate the cache manually?

Yes, you can generate each URL anytime

Do you have problems with different browsers?

There are no known issues.

How much does Cache4Mag speed up my Magento shop?

Cache4Mag will speed up your Magento shop up to 90%, if the server configuation is perfect.

What versions of Magento are compatible with Cache4Mag?

CE : 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

Do you have an update service for Cache4Mag?

Yes, we update our extension for all new Magento versions.

What are you doing, if you install Cache4Mag for us?

We install your shop in our server environment.
Then we install and proof Cache4Mag.
We install the Cache4Mag on your server.

Do i need a Crawler Add-on?

No, Cache4Mag has an Integrated site crawler.

Compatibility with other extensions?

There are no problems if the third party extensions correct developed. Cache4Mag is full compatible with Magento framework.

Are there problems with the mobile theme?

No, of course not.

Can you install Cache4Mag for us?

That is possible, you can order it for 49,--$.

How does Cache4Mag handle different currencies?

Different currencies will be cached individually.

Which pages are cached?

Only static pages will be cached. Dynamic elements on static pages are also cached via our second level cache. Checkout, user account and login stay dynamic

Must be programmed?

No, the installation and activation takes place over Magento Connect

What is the licensing system?

Every domain has to get its own license. The license is granted for lifetime.
30 Days Money Back Gurantee + 6 Months Free Support + Installation Service + Browser Compatibility

Why you need a Full-Page-Cache for Magento?

The speed of your Magento online shop has impact on the customer satisfaction and therefore on the recommendation , the average session duration, page views, bounce rate , and thus your sales and conversion rate.

There are several studies from google to Amazon. We have put together some of the results: 1 of 4 persons leaves a website if the load time is longer than 4 seconds - if the website is slow in peak periods, the customer changed to the competitors - slow online shops have bad reputation on the web. Slow load times lead to customer complaints, etc.

Cache4Mag - the Full Page Cache Extension for Magento brings new power to your online business. Remember that Google evaluates the page load time at each crawling session.

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