Key Features Cache4Mag

All you need for Success

  • One click module activation
  • Complete cache management
  • Single Url refresh
  • Automated cache generation. Integrated site crawler
  • Automated cache refresh
  • Automated cache management
  • Statistics dashboard
  • Cache size management
  • Component cache priority rules
  • Dynamic block management
  • Cached components management
  • URL wildcard exclude rules
  • Gzip cache compression
  • Second level cache (dynamic block caching)
  • Multi currency support
  • Group prices support
  • Response times from 0,09 seconds(90 miliseconds)
  • Magento form_key validation support
  • Multi store support
  • Customer groups support
  • Analytics tools support
  • License management for multidomain
  • Multi website better support
  • Multi domains support
  • Limit urls collections to avoid memory limit errors
  • Second level cache for multi domain websites
  • Supporting various magento configurations, including index.php in subdir
  • Subdomains support
  • Support for aw_mobile extension

Your Advantages

Free initial installation & set up

A new Quality of Magento

  • 6 months free support
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • One click activation from back office